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Hi Andrew, on a VA loan you are probably looking at 3.875%, no points, for a 30 year fixed rate.

Looks like there's a real good chance it's well worth refinancing. That's almost a full point lower. 1% lower on a 200k loan is $2,000 per year less in interest paid. I would look into it today. Rates have been fluctuating and were NOT this low just last week.

Good luck!

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My colleague is correct. Rates have been moving up and down recently and we are currently lower than we had been in recent past. Is this your primary residence or an investment property in Ohio? If you are interested in learning what options you have for your individual situation, give me a call at 301.517.5434 and in just a few minutes we can figure out if it makes sense to move forward with a refinance and what options are available to you.

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Yes depending on what your loan amount. is it almost certainly makes sense. You have two options. One might be to do a no cost loan for 4.25% and have the lender pay all the closing costs. Or go down to as low as 3.75% and pay the costs on your own. A good loan officer can present you with both options and help you make a decision. You have some good options here on this site. I can't lend in OH but if Eric can then by all means contact him. If he can't be of assistance one of my referral partners can probably help you there so please let me know.


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