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Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Delaware

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  • 2 years mortgage origination
  • Business references
  • Background check

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Do you have 2 years+ experience in mortgage origination? You deserve to work with a company that's got it's act together. We are looking for self-sufficient Loan Officers with integrity who deserve top pay and a 1st class mortgage company behind them.

We have in-house lending. THIS MEANS NO DISCLOSURE OF YSP. This means your Underwriter is at our office. This also means docs are drawn at our office.. it is not uncommon to have the docs drawn and at the Title company 2 days before settlement.

NO rate sheet scramble... ALL rate sheets, detailed information for every lender (including fees, rep contact, disclosures,), approved appraisers, email, and more are all CENTRALIZED. Log into your Choice Finance® account from the website and you can access everything including your credit reports and mortgage software. Everything is web-based for your convenience. Where ever you have an internet connection, you're in business.

Your set-up will be completely web-based and self-sufficient. Choice Finance® has spent years and money perfecting our systems so more of your time can be spent on originating. No great originator was ever good at paper work! You are afforded the opportunity to run your own business without the overhead expenses, and the time draining administrative work--> book keeping, payroll taxes, licensing, bonding, updated disclosure forms, package printing and shipping, and processing!

Choice Finance® loan officers are W-2 employees that have direct access to many lenders along with the ability to originate A paper, FHA, USDA, DU Refi plus, and VA loans in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware.

All experienced loan officers start out at top commission, with no quotas. Full commission is earned on every dollar of origination fees you charge, and every dollar of yield spread premium you receive. Choice Finance's rate sheets are straight from the lender. We do not filter our rate sheets and loan pricing is 100% up to you. Health insurance and 401k are also offered.