Loan Modification | mortgage restructure
Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C.

When refinancing is not an option, and you are at a point where you can't afford to make your mortgage payments... something must give. Sometimes a Loan Modification makes the most sense so you can keep your home.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments, you're facing foreclosure, OR you are current but you can no longer continue to pay what you owe... you have options available to you. Our experienced attorney will negotiate on your behalf to make your mortgage more affordable.

Typical results include:
- lower your current interest rate
- change your existing ARM, adjustable rate to a fixed rate mortgage
- forgiveness of your late payment fees
- restructure your late payments and any unpaid interest
- reduce your principal balance owed

A Loan Modification applies when you are already behind on your mortgage payments, OR you are current but you can no longer make payments. If you are current on your mortgage it is best to find any way possible to stay this way. Analyze all of your other expenses and see where you can make a cut to free up cash flow and allow yourself to continue to pay your mortgage on time.

If it's still not possible, are you carrying a lot of credit card debt?
If yes, consider credit card debt settlement options. This can typically reduce your monthly expenses substantially and free up the cash flow you need to continue to make your mortgage payments on time.
Your situation may warrant doing this Debt Settlement program AND a mortgage Loan Modification. Call us to talk your specific situation through.

If you still can't pay your mortgage payment after doing the above,
and you're behind OR current on your payments, a Loan Modification is probably the next step.

Before you contact us, make sure you know the following info:
- is this your principal residence?
- are you employed? what is your monthly household take home pay?
- are you behind on your mortgage? how many months? has it been referred for foreclosure? auction date set?
- how many mortgages on the property? who are the mortgage holders? what are the monthly amounts?
- how much are your taxes and insurance?
- total amount you owe on property?
- explain the circumstances that caused your current hardship

We will eventually also need:
- your hardship letter-- Your lender wants to understand what caused your delinquency and how you intend to solve the problem. Explain what caused it and why it won't happen again. This should be a very detailed letter.
- complete contact information for your lender(s)
- copies of all legal notices you have received
- your mortgage note
- last 3 months mortgage statements
- first page of your last 2 years federal tax returns
- last 3 months of all bank statements, all pages
- last 2 paycheck stubs-- If self employed include a profit and loss statement for last 6 months, and last 6 months business bank accounts. Also provide rental agreement if you have rented a room in your home.
- verify all other sources of income-- Rental agreements, social security, child support, etc.
- list of all creditors
- we will provide the following to complete-- Client contract, borrower financial statement, and income & expense form.


Typical questions:
How will this affect my credit?
You are trying to get out of debt, not obtain more debt. Decide on your future goals. If you want to obtain more lines of credit in the near future, then loan modification or debt settlement are not for you. These programs will help you with your overall objective to improve your financial situation, and save you a ton of money in principal and interest. Your credit scores aren't getting you out of debt or improving your current distress.

After Loan Modification, your credit is current because the lender agreed to this modification. Your scores will actually improve if you were previously behind and now you're making your new, modified payments on time. If you are already current but unable to keep making payments, the modification will enable you to stay current and thus keep your credit safe.

What are your fees?
The typical fee for Loan Modification is $3000. The same is true for a typical refinance. When you are doing a loan modification because you can't refinance, this fee allows us to represent you with an actual Attorney. Hundreds of Loan Modification companies are popping up right now and have no problem taking your money. No one can guarantee results of the loan modification, but our Attorney will not take your case if he feels he can not get the desired results.

The money spent through our help is for actual hours/work performed by a fully licensed Attorney who helps clients with loan modifications for a living. Would you ever represent yourself in court without an Attorney? This is your home! The lender will have more of an advantage when negotiating with you if you are not represented by an experienced Attorney. When you add up hours spent, and the knowledge and advice of a licensed Attorney representing you, the fee paid to our Attorney is well worth every penny.


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