Mortgage affiliate program


If approved for our program, for every qualified residential loan application, we will pay you:

  • $15 for home purchase
  • $15 for home refinance
  • $10 for home equity loans

For every commercial loan, we will pay you 10% of our commission, up to $20,000.


Your site will be reviewed for approval within 24 hours.

More details:
- You will be emailed automatically when an application is first generated as well as throughout the process in an excel spreadsheet emailed to you weekly.  Fees for the qualified residential applications will be paid every 2 weeks.  Fees for the commercial applications will be paid immediately after loan closes, usually within 1 day.
- A qualified residential application will be considered a complete application for a mortgage product that can be offered by Choice Finance® or one of it's partners for a 1-4 unit residential property.
- A partner is defined as another lender or broker that has signed up with Choice Finance® to do the loan if Choice Finance® can not, and who has agreed to pay the above fees for a qualified mortgage application. 
- Currently, we do not pay any fee to affiliate when the applicant has checked that their credit is poor, or if loan amount is less than $40,000. 
- Choice Finance will call applicant to confirm they are a real person, who does want a mortgage, and we or our partners can finance in the state their property is located.

  • affiliate acknowledges that any fees received on residential applications are based solely on above currently posted schedule, and never on home values, or the volume of applications, or whether the loan goes to settlement or not, or how much income the loan generates for Choice Finance®. 
  • affiliate will be provided the code for the application and link that will be posted on affiliate's web site.  Affiliate will not modify this link without prior consent from Choice Finance® via email.
  • affiliate may not do any form of spamming with any references to Choice Finance®.
  • affiliates shall not present themselves as Choice Finance® through emails or other means.
  • Choice Finance® will not pay fees for real estate Agent sites or to Arizona residents.
  • Choice Finance® may discontinue or modify this program at any time and without prior notice.
  • affiliate will indemnify and hold Choice Finance and it's affiliates, directors, and employees harmless of any expenses or liabilities, claims, losses or injuries alleged by a third party that may arise from affiliate joining and participating in this Affiliate Program. Choice Finance® shall never be held liable to affiliate for punitive damages.

I hereby acknowledge and agree to all terms set forth for the Affiliate Program, and agree to comply with any requests and future requests from Choice Finance®.

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