Loan Officers

Applying for a loan or getting more information is easy. 


  1. Secure online mortgage application
    Well.. almost!  For added security, this is a preliminary form that will let us match you up with a Loan Officer who will then contact you to discuss your scenario, answer questions & forward you a secure link to the online application.

    Choice Finance® will never authorize the sale of your personal information without your permission.

  2. If you prefer, we will be happy to take your entire application over the phone. 
    Email, live chat, or complete our contact form and let us know when is a good time to call you.
  3. a helping hand

  4. We can send you a blank 1003 application (click for PDF) by mail, email, or fax.

  5. Print the mortgage application (click for PDF) yourself and mail, email, or fax it to us.

  6. Documents Required

  7. Home Loans

  8. International home loans

    The process of getting a home loan varies in different countries. Look for local advice like this checklist on mortgage application in Australia.

    Hours of Operation

    Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm est
    Evenings and Weekends By appointment


    Unfortunately, no one can stop the credit bureaus from selling your information... except for you.  Your credit file is sold to countless companies when your credit is pulled.  You have the power to stop this unacceptable act for the next 5 years by electronically submitting your request to  Do it before you let anyone pull your credit. 

    Think of all the harassment and junk mail you will stop. It's free, and it will help decrease your exposure to identity theft