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When I tell people about the D.C. Government’s Home Purchase Assistance Program for first-time homebuyers, at first, they don’t believe it.  “This is too good to be true!” they say.  HPAP is sponsored by the D.C. Government and administered by the Greater Washington Urban League, a not for profit organization. 

Let me help you work through the HPAP program.  The process at first glance may seem overwhelming, stressful and complicated... but with a little effort and my expertise you can do it.

Depending on family size and total household income, through HPAP borrowers can receive help to buy their first home. Up to $77,000 in the form of a 0% interest 35 year loan, which is deferred for the first 5 years.  Yes, that’s right, no payments for the first five years.  After five years, the monthly payment on $77,000 is $213.89.  Not bad!  Note: The loan must be repaid if you sell the property.

It get’s even better if you are an employee of the District of Columbia.
The Employer Assisted Housing Program EAHP offers an additional $10,000 loan to be used for down payment and closing costs. 

More on EAHP at D.C. Dept. of Housing and Community Development
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If you will be buying a home in the District of Columbia, pick up the phone and call me. 
I'll be happy to show you how much you qualify for through this program.






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