Baltimore Loan Officer



Since 1996, I have worked for local and national companies; for mortgage brokers and for direct lenders and I have been both an account representative and a mortgage loan officer.

These experiences, besides being powerful learning tools, have enabled me to be exactly where I want to be and that is with Choice Finance®, a mortgage brokerage firm.

Why? Because as a broker I have a wider array of loan products to choose from and can shop for the best rate from a variety of strong lenders for my borrower.  As simple as that.

While I am familiar with a variety of loan products and services, my specialty is helping the first-time home buyer. Not only do I help the borrower choose the best product for his/her needs, I also investigate to see if there are any current, government approved, settlement assistance programs in the locale where the borrower is buying.  Many political sub-divisions offer grants or "no pay back" loans, to purchasers who choose to buy in targeted areas and promise to stay in the home for a specific time. 

I enjoy helping people. I look forward to your call..