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Chris Pugh, Choice Finance Corporation

Chris Pugh has almost a decade of experience in the lending industry. Ask Chris how to invest in a second home or rental properties. Real estate investing is his hobby and his personal portfolio currently includes residential, commercial, and multi-unit properties. He can help you find good investment properties and create the financing that you need. Chris can help you  with every detail of real estate investing in Montgomery County, as well as Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Outside of his real estate “hobby”, you will find him playing golf, tennis, or just about anything competitive.

“I grew up in Rockville and went to Good Counsel High School in Wheaton, MD. My dad was a Montgomery County fireman and my mom an administrative assistant at GEICO. Although they made very modest salaries, I watched them invest in many real estate opportunities over the years, in good and bad markets, and do very well for themselves. They sent me and my brother to private high school and then on to James Madison University in Virginia. I was very fortunate to have parents that could pay for my education, and they did it all while making modest salaries. They retired in their early 50’s and now live on a golf course in Myrtle Beach, SC. Needless to say, I have followed in their footsteps and I can help you do the same.”  

Chris can assist you whether you are buying your first home, refinancing your current mortgage, or buying specialized property such as commercial space or multi-family units. It is his goal to show each homeowner how to protect and grow the largest investment they have, their home.






15 year fixed
Obviously you save money over the life of the loan with a 15 year loan versus a 30 year loan, but the risk is that you will not be able to afford the payment each month. This would make the savings a moot point.  Traditionally, it has been recommended that you make a few extra full payments on your 30 year loan each year in lieu of the 15 year loan.  This will allow you to have the 30 year payment each month and to contribute extra payments at your own discretion.   This will pay the loan down in a comparable amount of time as a 15 year loan.  Same result, different road.

Although I have recommended the 30 year plan with extra payments in the past, I realize now that most people do not stick to the plan.   Actually almost nobody does.  They have good intentions but it just does not happen.

The 15 year loan takes out the discipline that is needed. You have no choice therefore you will make it work. Think of it like an exercise program. On top of that, 15 year loans usually average about .375% point lower in rate than a 30 year loan. Right now there are opportunities where you can get a 15 year rate almost one full percentage point lower in rate. This “spread” is unique to this market and is a catalyst as to why many people are considering 15 year loans at this time. There will be a surge on these loans when the new conforming limits are officially put in place this year.

Use a 15 year loan in conjunction with a structured equity investment portfolio and you will be in complete control of your financial destiny in 15 years. Time flies and things just don’t happen. Make them happen for you.

You can set up a home equity line as a reserve fund in case you have a few tight months here and there. Normally after a year or two most people find that pay raises make the higher payment a non-issue.  

15 year fixed vs. 30 yr









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