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Foreclosed listings, pre-foreclosures, short sales, REO, bank owned, hud homes, tax lien... homes that are being auctioned for sale where the minimum price is set and then goes to high bid subject to buyer's premium and seller confirmation.  Look for full details in each property's information package.  If a foreclosure, what type are you looking for?  Is it a Hud property foreclosure, Trustee Sale foreclosure at public auction, or a potential tax sale foreclosure?  We will do the research for you and if you want, focus on properties that allow financing.

A Choice Finance® Loan Officer will be happy to pre-approve you first, and if needed, get you the assistance of one of our real estate agent contacts who specializes in the areas you are looking. 

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HUD HOMES (FHA, VA, govt' properties)
If it's a HUD property you would like to pursue, we can put you in touch with a HUD certified agent.  A HUD home is a 1 to 4 unit residential property acquired by HUD as a result of a foreclosure action on an FHA-insured mortgage.  You may finance the HUD home or pay cash.  Properties that do not require significant repairs can be purchased with an FHA-insured mortgage.  The property listing will indicate if it is eligible for purchase with an FHA-insured mortgage.  HUD homes are initially offered to owner-occupant purchasers.  Following the priority period for owner occupants, unsold properties are available to all buyers, including investors.  Properties in designated areas are available at a huge discount on the list price of 50% to police officers, teachers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians.  HUD requires they live in the property for 36 months as their sole residence, AND the property must be in one of their designated neighborhoods HUD considers a "revitalization area" (ask us for more details).  All HUD homes are sold "as is", without warranty.  HUD will not make repairs and will not pay to correct any problems.  

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Question:  "I'm looking into bidding on a tax lien property in Washington, D.C.  If I have the winning bid and go through the waiting (redemption) period, what happens if there is an existing mortgage on the property?  How does the lender recoup their loan if it was auctioned off for back taxes?"
Answer:   No, you don't have to pay-off the mortgages as you will make the lenders a party to the tax sale action and serve them.  These deed of trust (mortgage) holders must redeem out your interest (taxes, and 18% interest on taxes you paid, plus your legal fees and costs) otherwise their lien will be extinguished if you obtain judgment.  You will have to pay all back taxes to obtain a Tax Deed, unless it is a "junk sale" w/ a provision regarding back taxes.
Points to consider:

  • 95% of the tax liens that are purchased are redeemed by the owner.  If you are looking to walk away with a house, this may not be the way to go.
  • A tax lien for the same property can be put up for auction each year until there is a foreclosure.
  • A tax lien buyer is responsible for all past and future taxes on the property until redemption or foreclosure - whichever comes first.
  • At redemption, interest is paid to the buyer only on the amount of the back taxes and not on any surplus amount bid on the property.
  • This may be worth it if you are looking to make interest on the back taxes, and come away with a tax lien.  It may be best to avoid headaches and bid on homes with low risk of moving to foreclosure.
  • Attend a seminar held by your local Office of Tax and Revenue.

Contact a tax sale foreclosure Attorney about filing an action once you've purchased the lien (We can recommend a good one).   Go to your state website where you can find the tax assessed value, outstanding taxes, etc...  D.C. property tax info



Abbreviated list, contact us for your preferred area & more properties and info.
  Allegany County Anne Arundel County Baltimore City
  Baltimore County Calvert County Caroline County
  Carroll County Cecil County Charles County
  Dorchester Frederick County Garrett
  Harford Howard Kent
  Montgomery Prince George's Queen Anne's
  Somerset St. Mary's County Talbot
  Washington County Wicomico Worcester


MD Hud homes

Maryland Hud Agents

415 Clarendon Ave 605 Salem Ave
Montgomery Village
9855 Brookridge Ct  
730 Baker Street 127 Humbird Street
  Washington, D.C.    
  D.C. Hud homes Washington, D.C. Hud Agents
831 5th Stree, NE 1305 Euclid Street,NW  
  226 N Street, NW 107 47th Street, SE  
310 14th Street, NE    
  VA Hud homes    
6526 Centennial Rd    
4325 Myland Rd 325 Hunt Avenue  
9834 Town Lane    
  DE Hud homes Delware Hud Agents  
1307 Rodman Road 310 Odessa Avenue  
10228 Bayside Drive, 3 beds 2 baths  
4915 Baker Road    
  WV Hud homes    
2313 Blackwell Dr 867 Greendale Dr  
138 Norway Ave 549 Adams Ave  
Harpers Ferry
144 Red Bird Lane    
  NC Hud homes North Carolina Hud Agents
3442 Calpella Court 6205 Dumont Lane  
421 N Hardee Street 4105 Amber Stone  
4017 South Fremont 2904 Moser Road  
  SC Hud homes South Carolina Hud Agents
647 Sommer Street 1135 Alderman Street  
1405 Waverly Pl Dr 2309 A&B Byrnes Dr  
119 Moreland Avenue    
  GA Hud homes    
2272 Country Club Dr 5680 Sable Way  
1708 Verdery Street 3633 Stanton Court  
3317 Vistawood Ct 4846 Haymarket Trail  
  FL Hud homes Florida Hud Agents
3068 Turton Ave 4910 Mississippi Ct  
5638 SW 38th St    
10526 Hunters Trail 4668 Creek Meadow Trail  

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There are many consumers who struggle to get "regular" conventional financing due to poor credit history or spotty employment.  Many of them have substantial equity in their homes.  Instead of facing the possibility of losing your home due to not being able to get out of debt, we have alternative loan programs.  If you have more than 35% equity, we may be able to finance you with very few questions asked... meaning you won't have to show income, assets or good credit scores.  In fact, we can go as low as a 400 credit score.  We might even be able to take you as high as 70% of your home's appraised value. 

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