Virginia Loan Officer



Hello, and thanks for visiting my web page.  I've lived in the DC metro area my entire life; growing up in Montgomery County Maryland and attending the University of Maryland.  I now live in Arlington, Virginia.  Living all around the D.C. Josh Peretzman of Choice Finance® metro area has given me a great understanding of the local real estate market.

After graduating from the University of Maryland, I worked as a loan officer in Gaithersburg for three years.  I then opened my own mortgage brokerage company, which I ran and operated successfully for several years before agreeing to a buyout by my partner.  Now, I have found a home at Choice Finance® where I am able to grow professionally and better serve my clients.

My experience has helped me refine my business techniques and find my niche in the FHA Jumbo Market.  My experience and know-how has helped me become a great resource for my clients and enabled many of them to achieve their dream of homeownership.