Mortgage checklist

Organize your documents
In our efforts to make the loan approval process as easy as possible, we've created the following checklist that outlines the documentation you need to provide with your loan application.  We may need additional information that is not part of this list.  These items will be needed so Choice Finance® may lock-in an interest rate and program for you.  


_____ Credit card or check for: 3 Bureau Mortgage Credit Report $20.66, Appraisal $300-$750 (depending on property)

_____ Contact person and phone # for verification of employment for past 2 years. 

_____ Homeowner’s insurance contact person, phone #, and policy # 

_____ Homeowner’s Assoc./ Condo Mngmt Co. name, phone #, and contact person (if applicable)  
_____ Front and back copy of Driver’s license 
_____ Entire signed loan application 
Unless your Loan Officer has specifically told you otherwise, you will also need to provide the following income and asset information.  

_____  2 most recent consecutive pay-stubs for each borrower  

_____  2009 and 2008 W-2’s for each borrower  

_____  2009 and 2008 tax returns--ALL PAGES; personal (if self-employed or 100% commissioned employee) and corporate (if >25% owner of company)  

_____ Asset account statements (savings, retirement, stocks, checking, etc.) for 2 most recent months--ALL PAGES, no internet printouts 

_____ Current lease(s) on all rental properties

The following items will be needed if you are PURCHASING a home.

_____ Ratified contract and multiple listing print-out (Realtor will have) 

_____ Canceled earnest money deposit check (front and back); or bank statement evidencing payment of earnest money deposit.  

_____  Sales contract on present home or settlement statement from sale of previous home if proceeds are needed for this transaction for either; money at settlement or to show as assets.  

_____  If currently renting, past and/or present monthly residence expenses; include contact person (landlord) and phone #, and complete mailing address for past 2 years.  

_____  Gift letter (provided by Loan Officer) signed by donor and evidence of  donor’s ability to give funds (Have donor write a “Cashiers Check”); copy of check (front & back) and then copy of deposit of gift funds.  
The following items will be needed if you are REFINANCING a home.  
_____  Current mortgage statement(s)  

_____  Owner’s Title Insurance Policy  

_____  Copy of Note and Line Agreement of existing 2nd lien/ home equity loan if you will be subordinating it.  
If applying for a new Line of Credit/ Home Equity/ 2nd Mortgage only:   

_____  Provide copy of Note of existing 1st mortgage  

Choice Finance Corporation  


Attached below is the Questionnaire your Loan Officer will be sending you. Please feel free to print this email so you may get started.  Your help in expediting this process is greatly appreciated by your Loan Officer and Choice Finance®!  

*How did you find Choice Finance®? _________ If referred, who referred you? _________ *I want the Lender to escrow my taxes and insurance. YES/ NO  

The Lender selected will escrow for your taxes and insurance with most loans. There is typically a fee for paying these on your own and not escrowing.   

*Verify Employment; who do we contact? _________________ Phone #____________ co-borrower-who do we contact? _________________ Phone #____________  

*Settlement Company_______________ Contact____________ Phone #____________  
If no company is selected above, Choice Finance® will select settlement company.   

*Homeowners Insurance Contact_________________ Phone #__________________ POLICY#__________________  

*Condo Management Co. Contact____________________ Phone #_______________ monthly condo fee $_________  

*Home Owner’s Association Contact___________________ Phone#_______________  

*Current Lender (Refinance) Lender_________________ Account #_________________
800 #__________________  
mortgage Lender______________ Acct #________________800#_______________  

ANY OTHER OPEN LIENS ON PROPERTY? i.e. Home Equity, Debt Consolidation, Home Improvement, Tax Smart Loan:_________________________________________  

*Cell Phone #’s ______________________      _____________________   

(borrower) (co-borrower) *Email Address   

*Fax # __________________   
If home purchase   
Realtor Name ___________________ Email___________________________ Company___________________ Phone #________________________________  

-Are you splitting the transfer taxes with the seller? YES/ NO (circle one)  

-What amount is the seller giving towards closing costs? $__________________.
Is this
in addition to splitting the transfers? YES/ NO   

-I would like to settle on the following date ___________________________  

-An earnest money deposit was given in the amount of $_______________  

-Currently renting? Landlord____________________ Phone #____________________  

*Please list other real estate owned:   
(1)Property address:(street)____________________ (city)______________ (state)_____ (zip)_________ Lender________________ Loan amount $______________ Monthly pmt $__________  

(2)Property address:(street)____________________ (city)______________ (state)_____ (zip)_________ Lender________________ Loan amount $______________ Monthly pmt $__________  

(3)Property address:(street)____________________ (city)______________ (state)_____ (zip)_________ Lender________________ Loan amount $______________ Monthly pmt $__________  

(4)Property address:(street)____________________ (city)______________ (state)_____ (zip)_________ Lender________________ Loan amount $______________ Monthly pmt $__________  

*Please list any dates you will be out of town and/or NOT available for settlement:




*Please note:  on some occasions, the investor your loan goes through will also send you forms regarding this transaction. The most accurate information is provided in your Choice Finance® disclosures.

*Any funds greater than $500 needed at settlement must be in CERTIFIED FUNDS OR CASHIERS CHECK.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR REFERRAL!  “The following person is expecting a phone call from Choice Finance® because they are looking for a Home or Commercial Loan” 

Phone#_______________________     email________________________