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Thank you for visiting choicefinance.net, a great place to connect with a local Loan Officer.

When you submit your information, we connect you with a full-time professional Loan Officer, one who typically works with a larger local bank. Occasionally it will be a Loan Officer from a Broker or Correspondent shop, particularly if the financing involved is with a niche product. You will always be forwarded to only one Loan Officer. We connect you with a seasoned Loan Officer at a local shop like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, SunTrust, Sierra Pacific, & First Home Mortgage.

Since 1998 Choice Finance Corporation, 'Choice Finance®' assisted mortgage clients.  Based in Rockville, Maryland we worked with thousands of home buyers and re-financers over the years.  Choice Finance Corporation, was previously associated with choicefinance.net but is no longer. Choice Finance Corporation closed it's doors in 2010. This website has been kept in place for our thousands of former clients to still be able to contact us AND to help new clients, including the ability to put them in touch with a local loan officer who had worked at Choice Finance Corporation.

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Customer Service

When you connect with a Loan Officer through Choice Finance®, your customer service will be 2nd to none.  Our committed Loan Officers will spend 10 minutes or 10 hours with you, depending on your needs.  These professionals are vetted and all have a minimum 5 years full time experience as a Loan Officer.  They must also belong to a well known lender or bank. 

Mortgage Lender and Mortgage Broker

How to Check on Reputation

As money-lending institutions, all mortgage bankers are subject to regulation. You can check on how the industry is regulated in your state by contacting either the state's department of banking or division of real estate. You can check for any licensing requirements, and check if the particular lender is in good professional standing.  The Library of Congress has an index of state and local government web sites . The local Better Business Bureau is another place to check on any complaints about the mortgage banker or lender.

Other local associations include:  Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers, Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors, Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce, and the Gaithersburg Germantown Chamber of Commerce.


*Note: Regardless of who you choose, ask for references.  There is no better way to determine who does a great job, than by the word of those who have done business with your Loan Officer.