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U.S. mortgage help
Get today's lowest rates and lowest cost mortgage programs to choose from.  Review an accurate Good Faith Estimate prepared specifically for your property. 
U.S. mortgage help
Learn the applicable fees and taxes for your State and County.  Do you know the fees for recordation, transfer, deed stamps, excise, property, etc.. for your home purchase, refinance, or equity loan?
U.S. mortgage help
A Choice Finance® Loan Officer will be happy to deliver your rate quote request, provide accurate closing costs, and help you gauge your monthly payment options.  A completed rate request form is recommended.  This form enables us to give you correct information based on you and your property's details.






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*To get the most accurate information, based on your subject property and financial situation, we highly recommend you contact us directly.  Rate quotes must be confirmed with Choice Finance Corporation's Lock Desk.  Rates and programs are subject to change without notice.  All locks must meet loan program guidelines.

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