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Maximize your cash-out and don't use up any of your existing equity when you refinance.  This can be achieved through our no cost option.  Your rate will be higher than a program where we don't pay the costs for you.  If you can consolidate your bills and dramatically reduce your payments every month at no cost to you, why wouldn't you?  None of the closing costs are financed into your new loan with this option. You can also choose to 'roll' these costs into the loan so you keep the lower rate.

*In the current market it may make sense to do a LOW costs loan instead of NO costs.

Sample Good Faith Estimate:
CLOSING COSTS either not charged or credited back
Loan Origination points -$0
Loan Discount points -$0
Appraisal, $350 -$0
Credit Report, $22 -$0
Underwriting, $425 -$0
Doc Review, $250 -$0
Admin, $495 -$0
Flood Cert., $16 -$0
Settlement, $295 -$0
Survey, $150 -$0
Title Insurance, $1400 -$0
Title Search, $155 -$0
Recording, $150 -$0
Pest Inspection, $50 -$0
County Transfer Tax -$0
State Transfer Tax -$0
State Recordation Tax -$0


Search the internet, and you will find popular national banks promoting their no fee mortgage with
"1) No application fee  2) No closing fees  and 3) No private mortgage insurance required"
Our response:
1) No one charges an application fee.
3) We offer you the no mortgage insurance option.  We also explore the option with insurance, because this payment is sometimes less.





No closing costs rates
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