Online pre-approval checklist

In our efforts to make the online pre-approval process as efficient as possible, we've created the following checklist.  For later full approval and closing, we will need additional information that is not part of this list.  

1)  Entire signed loan application

2)  3 bureau credit report pulled by Choice Finance®.  If you have a recent mortgage credit report with 3 scores, we can use it so your credit won't be pulled again yet.
3)  2 most recent consecutive pay-stubs for each borrower  

4)  2008 and 2007 W-2’s for each borrower  

5)  2 most recent months asset account statements (savings, retirement, stocks, checking, etc.)--ALL PAGES, no internet printouts 

1)  2008 and 2007 tax returns will be needed if self-employed or 100% commissioned employee  

If you are PURCHASING a home:

2)  Canceled earnest money deposit check (front and back); or bank statement evidencing payment of earnest money deposit if these funds are needed to qualify.

3)  Sales contract on present home or settlement statement from sale of previous home if proceeds are needed for this transaction for money at settlement or to show as assets.  

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