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Was becoming a Realtor for one of the large National or Regional companies not what you had hoped it would be? You wouldn't be the first. We believe the Real Estate business is not only about a recognizable sign in front of a house but about the agents and staff that stand behind the company.

Choice Real Estate®, Inc. ( was founded in 2005 by the owners of Choice Finance Corp., a locally owned mortgage company that has been in business for over 10 years. Why start a Real Estate Company when the mortgage side has been so successful? The answer is simple, to perpetuate the positive experience. Too often we have seen the mortgage aspect of a real estate transaction go as planned only to see fall out because of any of a number of outside factors. We decided that if we could be involved in more aspects of the transaction, we could ensure that our customer had a positive, memorable home buying experience.

Mission accomplished. The nice thing about having a successful entity already in place is that we can be choosey. We are looking for the real estate professional that truly enjoys what they do, cares about their client and their company, and sees the value of being backed by 30 seasoned mortgage professionals ready, willing, and able to team up and attack the market together.

If having a say in your future is important, helping to grow a company is rewarding, and working with a local, hands on ownership team adds value... then call us today.

Choice Real Estate® tools are web-based to make it as though you are working out of our main office in Rockville, Maryland.

No software to buy or update... can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Call and we'll walk you through our system online!

- Business references
- Background check

Complete Choice Real Estate® employment application, and contact David Wexler.