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The Royalton at King FarmMontgomery County can be a hard place to buy a home in if you're in one of the below professions.  There's a very nice development close to Rockville Pike that you can actually afford.

Policemen, teachers, military personnel...NIH project managers, physicians, Ph.D. researchers, clinical research associates, information technology experts, pharmacologists, and research assistants... we have a home for you.
On a Fellowship? You can still qualify

After you select the model and customized finishes that fit your lifestyle your Royalton sales agent will work with you and their preferred lender, ChoiceFinance®, to customize a financing package for you. 

These homes are located across the street from the Shady Grove Metro Station and just one block from the KingFarm Kentlands, MDVillage Center. The Royalton offers attractive one, two, or three bedroom homes with one, two, or three levels... private attached garages, and covered or on-street parking available.  







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204 Garden View Way
Rockville, MD 20850

P: 301.830.8525
F: 301.977.4885

Sample financing sheet:

Finance Sheet- The Royalton at King Farm

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