Gaithersburg Loan Officer


John started on the side of the lenders.  Representing the banks, John put together hundreds of loans. With the experience of working for the banks at their side, John moved to the customer's side of the desk, originating loans and getting the best terms to meet the needs of his clients.



Mortgage loans in 2008
Kentlands & Lakelands condos for sale


Home Improvement contractors
Car and Boat Salesmen, Windows..Siding..Fence..Carpet salesmen... you will have more sales if your clients can afford the monthly payment.  Typical financing for these items has strict qualifying guidelines, and is short term with high rates.  Your client's monthly payment with typical financing is too high regardless of the interest rate.  Call me so I can show you how i'm getting more clients for my Home Improvement relationships. 
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Sample mini-application we can customize for you...
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Kentlands, Lakelands, and Gaithersburg MD condos