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Washington, D.C. purchase:
Deed Transfer Tax= 1.1% of the sales/purchase price up to $400,000,
1.45% of the sales price over $400,000.  Seller typically pays.

Deed Recordation Tax= 1.1% of the sales/purchase price up to $400,000,
1.45% of the sales price over $400,000.  Buyer typically pays.

Recording Fees= approximately $290 total on purchases and $215 total on refinances.

Payment of the above transfer and recordation taxes are typically split between buyer and seller. Make sure you carefully examine your contract.

- Property taxes are collected on a semi-annual basis
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- All commercial transactions taxed at 1.45%


- No transfer or recordation taxes charged for aon owner occupied and investment residential properties provided that no construction financing is involved and property qualifies as "Class 1 or Class 2 property".

DC Tax Abatement Program
Total gross income per household limits:
1 person-  $53,760
2 persons- $61,440
3 persons- $69,120
4 persons- $76,800
5 persons- $82,920
6 persons- $89,100
7 persons- $95,220
8 persons- $101,400

Property must be owner occupied by a first time homebuyer AND be less than $326,760 sales price.  This program gives a five (5) year real estate tax abatement, and begins the October 1st after your closing date.  You also qualify for an exemption of the above 1.1% Recordation tax and an allowable credit from your seller of the 1.1% for the Transfer tax.

As proof, provide to settlement company BEFORE settlement:
- 2 most recent paystubs
- 2 most recent W-2's
- 2 most recent tax returns


Washington, D.C. Title company & settlement attorney
Solution Settlements, LLC
401 N. Washington Street, Suite 550
Rockville, MD 20850

Title Central, Inc.
704 Quince Orchard Road #325
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
240-631-2200, Julie Futrovsky

Federal Title
5335 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 700
Washington, Dc 20015

2010 Washington, D.C. Title Insurance rates

D.C. Title Insurance, owner's and lender's eagle policy
up to 250k
$6.84 per 1,000
250k to 500k
$6.12 per 1,000
500k to 1 million
$5.40 per 1,000
$274 minimum premium
$150 simultaneous issue fee must be added
Lender's Title Insurance only
up to 250k
$5.40 per thousand
250k to 500k
$4.68 per thousand
500k to 1 million
$3.96 per thousand











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